#4 [Heyokah]

Alex Karadzin
2 min readAug 16, 2021

‘’In the plastic world of greed,
power, money and control
A wandering Soul
Found another

A midsummer dream
A ray of joy beams all over me
Her divine beauty, her grace
Body of a goddess
Yeah, I gotta be honest
(This is the story)
Deja-vu of something felt
Yet never, ever…

(seen before)

My eyes met the Angel
Under the full moon
How can I be immune?
Just an old fool (before you)
Exposed and naked
My heart is yours to take it

Balcony with a view, our little heaven
Sexy sigh and a smile
You seduced me baby
(but that's a lie)
’cause I wanted to feel
Your body in my arms
Touch and kiss
Warm breath on my neck

Free spirits bound tonight
(Oh baby) I am high as a kite
Thinkerbell angel laugh
Echoes through the night
(moment in time)
Screenshot for the satellite

Infinite lights shine through me
Blessed in serenity
Tricked by illusion
Devoured by insanity
Scars and Tattoos
Dancing in the moonlight
God, this feels so right

(Am I in love with you?)

Oh, the irony in the cliche
This cannot be
What I feel isn’t real
Damsell in distress saves me
Subverted expectation, delay gratification
(Don’t fall for temptation)

Hey, Yo, Heyokah
There is something else I see
Million stars in your eyes
Wrapped like a gift for me

(Wicked omen and a fortune cookie)

Oh, I am sorry, little one
We are not making the long run
You feel it now
A guilty pleasure not meant to be
’cause, where you are
I’ve already been

Hurt, lost, used and abused
Baby girl, I know you are confused
You gotta find your own way
(through the night)
(into the light)
Your own demons to slay

Hey, Yo, Heyokah
Under the clear sky
I can’t be the bad guy
(here tonight)
There is something else I see
Hopeful gaze and a smile
The innocence of a child

Hey, Yo, Heyokah
Stir my soul and fuck my mind
Rocking chair moment
Captured in time
In you, I confide

I see what you are
(Yeah) baby girl
We are the same kind

(Go now and run wild)

Hey, Yo, Heyokah
Here, with you now
Kiss me hard goodbye

(I feel so Alive)

Kiss me hard goodbye
Heyokah, hey
Kiss me before
(I wander away)’’

Alex Karadzin

Multimedia Artist. Modern-day Teacher. Lifelong Learner.